Let’s Not Repeat History – “The 9/11 of Paris”

Note: A French translation of this article is available here. This past Friday, over 100 people were killed and countless others injured in a highly coordinated terrorist attack in Paris, France. France’s president, Francois Hollande, was quick to respond and delivered a short speech in which he instituted a state of emergency and then also closed … Continue reading Let’s Not Repeat History – “The 9/11 of Paris”

First Reflections on Turkey (and Syrians+Turks)

I barely remember the last time I was in Turkey. I was maybe 11 years old and did mostly tourist-y things with my family. So the situation is a lot different now: I am travelling with the US-based Syrian Orphans Organization to help teach Syrian refugees in Istanbul during a 3-week summer camp. I also have some … Continue reading First Reflections on Turkey (and Syrians+Turks)