First Reflections on Turkey (and Syrians+Turks)

I barely remember the last time I was in Turkey. I was maybe 11 years old and did mostly tourist-y things with my family. So the situation is a lot different now: I am travelling with the US-based Syrian Orphans Organization to help teach Syrian refugees in Istanbul during a 3-week summer camp. I also have some … Continue reading First Reflections on Turkey (and Syrians+Turks)

Rising Leader’s Summit – Reflection

What will you take away from this? Karim asked this question two days ago but it's only now that I've truly solidified what I will be taking away from this summit. These past few days I've met some of the most amazing people,  heard some phenomenal stories, and seen monuments meant to remind us of … Continue reading Rising Leader’s Summit – Reflection

Rising Leader’s Summit – Day 3

Final day! We had one last workshop today as well as a closing ceremony. 3. From vision to Action This workshop was all about being an effective leader. There are 6 leadership principles that we had been introduced to before while doing our blueprint, but which were expanded on now: Set big goals Invest others … Continue reading Rising Leader’s Summit – Day 3

Rising Leader’s Summit – Day 2 (Workshops)

We went through two awesome workshops today: 1. Sharing YourStory to Invest Others Pretty straight forward, right? Wrong! We went over the typical story telling method, with a climax, etc. But also spoke about personally connecting our stories to ourselves as well as to others which is a lot harder than you'd expect, but still … Continue reading Rising Leader’s Summit – Day 2 (Workshops)

Rising Leader’s Summit – Day 2 (site visit)

After breakfast this morning we were split into different groups to visit various educational organization sites. Me and three others got to visit Practice Makes Perfect (PMP), a nonprofit started by a Rising Leader's alumn, Karim Abouelnaga. PMP provides an alternative summer school structure that's much more cost-effective and just as - if not more … Continue reading Rising Leader’s Summit – Day 2 (site visit)

TFA Rising Leader’s Summit – Day 1

Washington D.C. Today was largely spent walking around getting accustomed to the city - which is architecturally beautiful and racially diverse - but also getting to know the other fellowship recipients. Straight off the plane, I met with three others who I navigated the metro with to the hotel. Once there, we met a few others and … Continue reading TFA Rising Leader’s Summit – Day 1

What are we really doing?

After several inquiries and subsequent clarifications, I have decided to outline a little more specifically what exactly my proposed center seeks to do, as well as solicit feedback on it from here as well. Disclaimer: Since these are still not completely official, they are subject to change.* Mission Statement:  To provide a resource to assist, … Continue reading What are we really doing?

Dunbar Vocational Career Academy

The following piece was written by a recent graduate of Chicago Public School's Dunbar Vocational Career Academy, Eshe Harvey, exclusively for this blog: I have recently graduated from Dunbar Vocational Career Academy, last year in the month of June, and words can’t explain how excited I was to finally leave. My journey at Dunbar began in September … Continue reading Dunbar Vocational Career Academy

Classes that SHOULD be mandatory

So I posted this on my Facebook page and got a pretty good discussion going on about it so I wanted to share it here as well. Here's my exact post from Facebook: Classes that actually SHOULD be mandatory: - World Religions: because ignorance breeds hatred which breeds violence and death. - Self Defense: for … Continue reading Classes that SHOULD be mandatory