Back to School, Back to Social Justice

So it's back to school week for DePaul university and this week, we're talking about the Black Lives Matter movement (BLM). It's also Labor Day so to keep things relevant: The hope is that you answered "absolutely not!" because it would be terrible to take advantage of another human being that way, right? So it's expected that … Continue reading Back to School, Back to Social Justice

Classes that SHOULD be mandatory

So I posted this on my Facebook page and got a pretty good discussion going on about it so I wanted to share it here as well. Here's my exact post from Facebook: Classes that actually SHOULD be mandatory: - World Religions: because ignorance breeds hatred which breeds violence and death. - Self Defense: for … Continue reading Classes that SHOULD be mandatory

First Meeting With My Mentor!

Tuesday March 12, 2013 I finally got to meet my mentor today! And for those of you wondering - yes, the TeachForAmerica Chicago office is amazing. Anyways, after being introduced to my fellowship mentor through e-mail and after having to already cancel one meeting due to inclement weather (welcome to Chicago) we finally had a … Continue reading First Meeting With My Mentor!

How I Got The Fellowship

For those of you interested in how I actually landed the Teach For America Rising Leader's Fellowship, it was actually quite simple: I attended a TeachForAmerica (TFA) informational session and expressed my passion for education reform and my deep interest in eventually joining the TFA corps and working with them, and I must've left an … Continue reading How I Got The Fellowship