Research on Muslim-Americans

Radical Muslims: Emerging Political Divisions within the Muslim-American Community

I am currently writing a thesis on the growing political divisions within the Muslim community, analyzing an apparent growing radicalism and Muslim-Americans working against or outside of the status quo. In order to do this, I am focusing on four case studies to center my discussion on:

  1. The White House Iftar of July 2014
  2. Tariq Ramadan’s “boycott” of August 2014
  3. The Muslim Leadership Initiative (MLI) trips controversy of January 2015
  4. The Chapel Hill shootings of February 2015

I am using mixed methods for this research:

  • First, I am analyzing tweets around these events to see what the general conversations looked like
  • Second, I am distributing a survey to Muslim-Americans to better understand the intersection of socio-economics and political opinion
  • Third, I am interviewing individuals, from Muslim-American organizations such as MPAC and ISNA, as well as vocally more radical individuals in the community, to more deeply comprehend reasoning and thought processes

You can participate by:

  • Taking the anonymous survey here. Note: You must be a Muslim-American (with citizenship or permanent residency) and between the ages of 18-64 years to take the survey. It takes about 15-30 minutes to complete

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