Commencement Speech

The following is the text of a speech I submitted to be considered for the DePaul University graduating class of 2015 student commencement speech. I was not chosen to deliver it but wanted to share it here: Good morning everyone! My name is Shaza, but I also go by Shazam, so I want to extend that … Continue reading Commencement Speech

Graduation !

If you haven't heard of Marina Keegan, you should definitely look her up. And during this graduation season, you can read the piece that made her famous, her Yale graduation editorial, The Opposite of Loneliness. I promise it won't disappoint. Then pick up a copy of her book by the same title if you like … Continue reading Graduation !

What happens when your SGA is so bad you turn to the administration?

Rushing, I submitted my commencement speech application just before the 5pm deadline, wiped the sweat off my brow, and then eagerly waited for the response back. Days passed; but a day before the scheduled auditions, no one had been contacted by the commencement speech Chair yet. Other students who applied were hounding me about it … Continue reading What happens when your SGA is so bad you turn to the administration?

SGA and the Culture of Censorship

As former Senator Joseph Kerins put it, “SGA censorship is something that needs to be talked about within the wider campus community. SGA is our only form of direct student representation at DePaul, and incidents of this nature reflect the ongoing obstruction of student voices. This has to stop. And this conversation has to happen.” … Continue reading SGA and the Culture of Censorship

Rising Leader’s Summit – Reflection

What will you take away from this? Karim asked this question two days ago but it's only now that I've truly solidified what I will be taking away from this summit. These past few days I've met some of the most amazing people,  heard some phenomenal stories, and seen monuments meant to remind us of … Continue reading Rising Leader’s Summit – Reflection

Rising Leader’s Summit – Day 3

Final day! We had one last workshop today as well as a closing ceremony. 3. From vision to Action This workshop was all about being an effective leader. There are 6 leadership principles that we had been introduced to before while doing our blueprint, but which were expanded on now: Set big goals Invest others … Continue reading Rising Leader’s Summit – Day 3

Rising Leader’s Summit – Day 2 (Workshops)

We went through two awesome workshops today: 1. Sharing YourStory to Invest Others Pretty straight forward, right? Wrong! We went over the typical story telling method, with a climax, etc. But also spoke about personally connecting our stories to ourselves as well as to others which is a lot harder than you'd expect, but still … Continue reading Rising Leader’s Summit – Day 2 (Workshops)