Since When is the Hijab a Pillar of Islam? – Via MuslimGirl

This obsession with the hijab within the Muslim community is detrimental to a woman’s spiritual health because it sends the message that covering her body is far more important than any other component of her Islamic identity.  It implies that her personal relationship with God, her intellect and character, her treatment of others, and her contributions to the community pale in comparison to the act of covering herself. While the hijab is indeed a woman’s obligation in Islam, it is not a pillar of Islam. I repeat: it is not one of the five pillars. In other words, it is not the be-all and end-all of a Muslim woman’s identity. It is not what makes or breaks her worth as a believer in front of God, and it does not make her more faithful than another woman.  In fact, the most famous female figures throughout Islamic history are celebrated for their piety, intellect and leadership, not for the way they dressed. Celebrating a woman solely for the fact that she covers is simply another form of objectification– something we claim the hijab prevents – because she is being defined by how she looks rather than how she thinks.

Source: Since When is the Hijab a Pillar of Islam?

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