Rising Leader’s Summit – Reflection

What will you take away from this?

Karim asked this question two days ago but it’s only now that I’ve truly solidified what I will be taking away from this summit.

These past few days I’ve met some of the most amazing people,  heard some phenomenal stories, and seen monuments meant to remind us of the greatness we’ve achieved and are capable of achieving, and now it all clicks:

The Rising Leader’s fellowship summit was held in exactly the right place, at exactly the right time, with exactly the right people…all in order to inspire us.

Karim peppered his presentation with inspirational quotes, more than half of the summit was about refining your personal story and using it to inspire others, we were all constantly encouraging and inspiring each other…I’ve realized now that without the people, places, and events that inspire me I’d have no purpose and no drive and no achievement whatsoever. Inspiration is key.

All this did was reaffirm that maybe – just maybe – I might be on to something. and that Gnosis’s mission to motivate and empower students so that they can be inspired to go out and do what it is they want to do is what schools really should be doing.

Of course, it’s still a shot in the dark, but I have a feeling that either way, no matter where I or Gnosis end up, this is a theme that will always be present in my life from now on.

And leaving Washington D.C. now, I am feeling more of  a beginning than an end.

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