Rising Leader’s Summit – Day 3

Final day! We had one last workshop today as well as a closing ceremony.

3. From vision to Action

This workshop was all about being an effective leader. There are 6 leadership principles that we had been introduced to before while doing our blueprint, but which were expanded on now:

  1. Set big goals
  2. Invest others in your goals
  3. Plan purposefully
  4. Execute effectively
  5. Continuously increase effectiveness
  6. Work relentlessly

We were also introduced to a new word:

Calenderize. Verb.  The process of more efficiently and effectively listing everything going on in your life (not just your plan’s deadlines and milestones) all in one place and in one calendar to better stay on top of things (and stay sane).

After that we worked for a bit solely on our plans, collaborating and conversing  with the other fellows as needed.


During the closing ceremony we heard from the Hispanic Heritage Foundation on being a leader for today – not tomorrow, as well as Karim Abouelnaga recount his story, a few fellows inspire us with theirs, and final remarks by the summit leaders and coordinators.

Then it was time to pack up and go home!

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