Rising Leader’s Summit – Day 2 (Workshops)

We went through two awesome workshops today:

1. Sharing YourStory to Invest Others

Pretty straight forward, right? Wrong!

We went over the typical story telling method, with a climax, etc. But also spoke about personally connecting our stories to ourselves as well as to others which is a lot harder than you’d expect, but still very do-able. I’m a naturally more private person, so I may have found it more difficult than others, but it can also be hard to find that one defining moment from your life that you can make a story of and that can express all you want to express in a more subtle way. After a few revisions and some sharing though, I feel a little more confident with my story.

2. Project Pitch and Feedback Cycle

“Feedback is essentially providing information, rather than just criticism.” – workshop presenter

In this workshop we were given 5 minutes to lay out our entire plan and all information related to it. What we had done so far, what we were doing now, our positives, negatives, fears, and hopes.

Next everyone in our group was supposed to “interrogate reality” as the workshop presenter put it, and ask clarifying questions to get even more information out.

Lastly, we had to sit silently for a few minutes as the group basically put themselves in our shoes and told us how they would be doing our project if it was them.

Needless to say, it was highly beneficial as you got more perspectives and opinions as well as had to think critically about your pitch and the way you describe your project (the clarifying questions really helped with this).

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