What are we really doing?

After several inquiries and subsequent clarifications, I have decided to outline a little more specifically what exactly my proposed center seeks to do, as well as solicit feedback on it from here as well.

Disclaimer: Since these are still not completely official, they are subject to change.*

Mission Statement: 

To provide a resource to assist, facilitate, and encourage continued student learning beyond the classroom in order to inspire a lifelong pursuit of knowledge. 


experience as the key to inspiration

inspiration as the key to motivation

motivation as the key to self-empowerment

self-empowerment as the key to success

The center’s 4 Focus Areas:

Academics – provide tutoring in all academic subjects as well as music, art, tech, and other subjects students upon request.

Experiential – how we connect the kids to the city and all that it has to offer. We’ll try to partner with local organizations and get students the best deals (free or discounted) on different educational/experiential events. We’ll also announce outside academic opportunities (essay contests, math bowls, competitions, etc). This is a main component of what we want to do – expand learning outside of the classroom.

Events – events we host, or create in response to student needs/interests.

Student advocating – student feedback will constantly be solicited, as I truly want the students to feel that they are a part of this, that this is their center too.

The center is purposefully very flexible as well so that it can change and evolve to accommodate student need and interest. Our aim is to help students become self-motivated and self-empowered individuals who can take charge of their own learning as well as seek out the world beyond the classroom to become more enriched, global citizens.

*The center has no official title or name yet either

3 thoughts on “What are we really doing?

  1. I like this idea. Will it focus on girls, boys, or both? What kind of events will you host? You can also include community service so students can experience what it meas to serve and what it takes to become successfully in obtaining an acceptances from college and develop personal growth.

    1. The center will be serving all students, no matter what gender they may identify with. The events we create will be very student-need/student-interest based, so it will depend on that. But in general, we will be bringing in guest speakers, hosting fairs, movie showings, etc.

      I like your idea on community service though and will see if we can offer that to students combined with other experiences outside the school! The only thing I would worry about with that is that many of the students are low income and are either too busy with a job, or only interested in getting a job, so unpaid work is unappealing to them. However, we may be able to try and change that. Thank you for the good idea!

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