Classes that SHOULD be mandatory

So I posted this on my Facebook page and got a pretty good discussion going on about it so I wanted to share it here as well. Here’s my exact post from Facebook:

Classes that actually SHOULD be mandatory:

– World Religions: because ignorance breeds hatred which breeds violence and death.
– Self Defense: for girls AND boys. If you can protect yourself without a gun then youre safe even when the gov takes that right away from us.
– Technology (computers, internet, etc): does this even deserve a question? School needs to prepare us for the FUTURE. Why the hell do we even still use textbooks?
– Basic First-Aid: imagine all the good we could do if we not only learned how to help injured and sick people, but learned that we SHOULD,

Because you see, school isn’t just for making you better at math and reading and science, although those are undoubtedly important. But they also need to make us better citizens and more prepared for the future we will enter. They need to be more holistic, in my humble opinion of course.

Did I miss any classes that should be mandatory? Tell me yours! =)

Below that, the comments added ROTC, gender relations class, critical thinking and/or logic, and ethics and morals (in which the contributor specifically stated it would simply be discussion on the differing ethical viewpoints rather than teaching one specific viewpoint).

What classes do you think should be mandatory?

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