Chapter 3 – Why do you do what you do?

The chapter focused on that general question, however we focused on why we joined the Rising Leaders Fellowship.

We were asked to link our values and past experiences to our Fellowship Project.

Two major values of mine contributed to me wanting to join the fellowship and the shaping of my plan:

1. I was raised with the constant reminder to always

Love for your brother, what you love for yourself.

“Brother” is symbolic – everyone in the world is our global family and we must love for all what we ourselves love to enjoy. I was lucky enough to enjoy an amazing highschool atmosphere with a culture of learning and curiosity, so I wish to bring my wonderful educational experience to others as well.

2. We have all felt it: someone gives you advice, or you know something to be true, but you just don’t learn your lesson until you actually experience it. This holds true for many things in life but I believe it is especially important within education. Yes, books and lectures can teach students, but how much of it really sinks in until they actually put their newly aquired knowledge to the test?

Experience is the best teacher

Which is why I am creating a project that revolves around giving students more access to outside resources where they can expereince knowledge in real life and enrich their lives and educational pathways with.

Why do you do what you do? (either within the educational field or elsewhere)

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