Chapter 2

At what time in your life did you feel “out of whack,” when your head and heart were out of balance?

I’m a freshman in college, so naturally I got a bit scared when deciding “the rest of my life” with one major. So I wanted to be extra sure my major (Political Science) suited me. I have a huge interest in Health and Medicine and so I knew I wanted to try out the pre-med track.

Although I absolutely loved it, I’ll admit it was difficult. For someone to whom essays and reading comes naturally, chemical equations and biology memorization were an extra stretch for my mind.

Simply put, my heart was in it, but my head had no natural talent for it.

Fortunately, I attended a leadership workshop where the counselor giving the workshop highlighted this really well for me. He had right-handed people write with their left hand, and left-handed people write with their right hand. Then he asked us “Well, was it possible?” Of course it was, we replied. “But was it as easy as your dominant hand?” he further inquired. No was the unanimous answer. His final parting wisdom: “I need you guys to make sure you do what you love, but with your dominant brain.”

Pre-med wasn’t my dominant brain, so I let go of it.

When was your brain and heart out of whack and how did you get back on track?

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