Application Plan Proposal

So when I applied for the TeachForAmerica Rising Leader’s Fellowship, the application asked for me to provide an extremely short summary of what my proposed plan was. So this is just a copy and paste of exactly what I wrote there:

“The tentative mission statement for my fellowship idea is: To provide a resource for students who wish to continue their learning outside of the classroom.

I wish to implement a center in the school that could be regularly staffed and that students could visit during their lunch or free time. Not only will the center provide tutoring for the various academic subjects (including art and music) based on a simple schedule and appointment basis, but it will also actively seek opportunities for students beyond the school walls. It will draw on the city’s resources and connect them to the students. Students will also be able to inquire on different interests and include their input in what they wish the center to bring into the school. Innovative and unique ideas will be used to accomplish this mission, including various technological sources. The center’s staff will be comprised of qualified community volunteers and college students. Other volunteers will work behind the scenes finding new ideas and connections to resources outside of the school for the students.

To encourage students to utilize the center, small incentives and rewards will be suggested for students regularly visiting it. Determination of success will be based on the number of students using it along with the frequency of use.”

Let me know what you think of this proposal!

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