How I Got The Fellowship

For those of you interested in how I actually landed the Teach For America Rising Leader’s Fellowship, it was actually quite simple:

I attended a TeachForAmerica (TFA) informational session and expressed my passion for education reform and my deep interest in eventually joining the TFA corps and working with them, and I must’ve left an impression on somebody.

A few months later in December I received an e-mail saying I’d been personally recommended for the fellowship and that they hoped I would consider applying.

So of course I applied! I stayed in constant contact with my regional director throughout it all though – having a phone conversation with her to answer all my questions, asking her what she thought of my ideas, letting her know when I submitted my application, etc.

A week or two after submitting my app, I got an e-mail saying I had gotten the fellowship and asking me to confirm my home address. A week after that I got a package with a TFA binder, a white legal pad, a TFA pen, and an echoing green book “Work on Purpose,” along with a tentative calander and my beginning assignments.

And so the journey began….

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