So…What Is It?

So what is this Rising Leader’s Fellowship I speak of?

Well it’s a fellowship brought to you by TeachForAmerica in partnership with Echoing Green and the National Partnership for Educational Access.

But more importantly, it consists of three parts:

The Story
The Network
The Plan

The Story
Is the chance for us fellows to dig deep and ask ourselves “why do we care about educational inequity?” By using the Echoing Green book Work on Purpose and weekly discussions on the Facebook group, we look into our past and into our values, searching within ourselves for the answer – to piece together our story.

The Network
Pushes us to work closely with our TFA mentors but as well as network with others within the field of education, and improve upon our skills through various leadership workshops. This gives us a good basis for future work in the field.

The Plan
Fellows must design a plan, from start to finish, that tangibly addresses educational inequality. This plan becomes a reality by the end of the fellowship as all fellows must implement thier plan of action. We get the chance to have a positive impact on a school of our choice.

Overall, the fellowship is one that I would recommend to anyone interested in shaping the future of education to be better – better for all.

For more information on The Rising Leader’s Fellowship

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